Tri Lite Dock Light Arms

Tri Lite offers dock light arms to be sold separately from lamp heads. Purchase longer arms to extend the reach of current lamp heads, or as a replacement for worn out arms on existing lights.

Part Number Arm Type Arm Length
DL24ARM Double Strut 24-inch
SD24ARM Single Strut 24-inch
DL40ARM Double Strut 40-inch
DSDL40ARM Double Strut Adjustable 40-inch
FLDL40ARM Flex Double Strut 40-inch
SD40ARM Single Strut Adjustable 40-inch
DL60ARM Double Strut 60-inch
DSDL60ARM Double Strut Adjustable 60-inch
FLDL60ARM Flex Double Strut 60-inch
SD60ARM Single Strut Adjustable 60-inch
DL90ARM Double Strut 90-inch
DSDL90ARM Double Strut Adjustable 90-inch
FLDL90ARM Flex Double Strut 90-inch
DL114ARM Double Strut 114-inch
DSDL114ARM Double Strut Adjustable 114-inch

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