Tri Lite Stop-Go Loading Dock Safety Light Set with Switch and Flasher (SG20)

The Stop-Go Loading Dock Safety Light with Switch and Flasher (SG20) consists of a housing and two lamps designed for use beside the loading dock door on the inside of the building. Three leads exit the back of the light; a common shared by both lights, a hot for the red lamp and a hot for the green lamp (115 VAC also have a ground.) It includes a three way toggle switch on the bottom of the housing. Flip the switch one way and the green light comes on; flip it the other way and the red light illuminates. The center position turns the light off. The SG20 also has a flasher built into the unit. Electrical installation consists of two power leads (plus a ground for 115 VAC.)

The SG20 is also available without a toggle switch (indicated by "NS" in the part number) for installations utilizing a remote switch for automation of the light. When installed this way, the light can be set to automatically change colors after a door is opened. Remote switches can be obtained from an electrical contractor or installation professional; they are not offered by Tri Lite.

SG20 1
  • Provides immediate and recognizable direction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and error.
  • Can be used anywhere a visual communication system is needed.
  • Available in two colors: safety yellow or black.
  • Polypropylene housing will not rust, pit, dent, or corrode like similar metal units.
  • Choice of incandescent or LED lamps.
  • No switch option available for customers who want to supply their own controls.
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use, IP54.