Truck Strip Doors

Trailer Vinyl Strip Doors

Trailer Strip Doors are clear and transparent PVC strips that reduce heat loss, keep out bugs, and reduce noise and provide easy access to the trailer.

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Truck Strip Doors help to keep refrigerated trailer temperatures stable while the truck door is open during deliveries, with the added benefits of preventing flying insects from entering. Additional brackets can be placed at different depths so the strip door can be moved.

Features & Benefits

Features                                                                                  Benefits

• Quick and easy installation using                                      • Saves Energy

our exclusive ComPress Rod and                                         • Maintains Proper Temperature

Double-U Mounting Brackets                                               • Blocks Flying Pests

• Standard Clear or Low-Temp Strips                                 • Enhances Security and Privacy

• Available in 6’’ or 8’’ wide strips


These Vinyl Strip Doors from Barron Equipment are exclusively used in the back of refrigerated trailers to help with energy savings and reduce fuel consumption. Most applications use an 8" wide, looped-top strip that slides into TMI's Compress rod.

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