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U.S. Netting Existing Bollard Safety Net Package

Bollard Rings for Existing Bollards as Attachment

  • Most warehouses and facilities today have existing bollards made of steel or cement to protect their dock door openings and other areas through the workplace. We know that space is limited in high traffic dock areas designed with the utmost efficiency. That's why we created the Existing Bollard Safety Net Package. Our Safety Rings slide directly onto your existing steel/cement bollards without the need for drilling or extra tools. Rings can have up to 3 anchor points for nets to attach to and come with everything needed to secure an area. You receive 8 Bollard Safety Rings and one Polyester Barrier Net for protecting your loading dock or other facility locations. The package works perfectly for securing an area lined with existing bollards without the need for modification. The net package takes up virtually no space and quickly sections off areas and is perfect for safely protecting machinery, loading docks, and entryways.

Standard Ring Configuration

  • In the standard configuration, the mounting rings slide over your existing bollard. This will provide a secure mounting point for your net that is but fast and easy to install.

Split Ring Configuration

  • In some circumstances sliding a ring over a bollard may be unwanted or impossible. For these situations we can provide split rings that bolt together, avoiding obstacles that would prevent sliding a ring over the top of a bollard.

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