V LIft Hydraulic Vertical Conveyor

V-Lift Hydraulic Vertical Conveyor

In today’s ‘green’ building designs, floor space is at a premium and moving up, not out, is definitely preferred. Luckily, facility designers, contractors, and architects need look no further than the V-Lift™ Hydraulic Vertical Conveyor from Wildeck – the industry leader in space optimization.

Wildeck’s next-generation hydraulic VRC (vertical reciprocating conveyor) incorporates industry-leading technology and design including a robust hydraulic ram with large 2-½” diameter dual pistons that deliver a smoother and more positive lifting motion. Quality Wildeck construction and simplicity are clearly evident in the V-Lift™ and the single cylinder hydraulic system eliminates all moving hoses, cables, and chains. Fewer components means easy installation, reduced maintenance and longer service life.


A Wildeck V-Lift VRC Provides:

  • Value  (High-end features. Low price)
  • Versatility (Fixed or freestanding “C,” “Z” or 90 degree loading/unloading)
  • Vigor (Heavy-duty construction)

LIFTING CAPACITY: Up to 3,000 lbs.

LIFTING SPEED: Standard travel speed is 17 fpm.

LOADING PATTERNS: “C,” “Z,” and 90 degrees.


LEVELS: Access lower level and (1) stop above ground.

Clear height requirement:
- 7 ft. (84”) Clearance above upper level for VRC travel up to 10 ft.
- 9 ft. (108”) Clearance for travel heights between 10 ft. and 14 ft.

- Guide columns are 6” wide-flange structural steel.
- Optional freestanding structural framing available.

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