BCST-VTR C-Trough Belt Conveyor

V-Trough Belt Conveyor – BCST-VTR

V-Troughed Roller and Slider Bed Conveyor

When you need to move cylindrical products, a V-Trough belt conveyor is the ideal means of conveyance. With the bed of the conveyor configured in a "V" shape, the product is assured to stay in place and not roll side to side as it would on a flat bed. The "V" also removes the need for sideguides to maintain the product's location down the line. The V-Trough belt conveyor can also take advantage of it's unique bed configuration to allow product diameters greater than the conveyor's width to convey while still being properly supported. This can translate into saved or reclaimed shop space!


BCST-VTR C-Trough Belt Conveyor

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