Vibra Belt conveyors

VIBRA-BELT® Vibratory Belt Conveyor

VIBRA-BELT® Vibratory Belt Conveyors combine the best features of vibrating conveyors and belt conveyors into one superior material handling concept.

The VIBRA-BELT® Vibratory Belt Conveyor has a flexible trough suspended between the sides of a trough provided with General Kinematics proven vibrating conveyor drive and reactor system components. The result is an improved belt conveyor system, adaptable to a variety of materials and operating conditions, incorporating the incomparable reliability and cleanliness of vibratory equipment.

Flexible conveying surface can be fabricated of various materials, including stainless steel, to successfully handle hot, sticky, fragile, or other “difficult to handle” materials. VIBRA-BELT® units are available in lengths up to 300 feet and in variable widths, depending on your application.


  • Ideal for materials that tend to stick to a metallic trough surface since a vibrating motion causes the suspended trough to flex, preventing material build-up.
  • Low profile, compact design fits where other conveyors cannot be installed.
  • No belt tracking problems or conveyor idlers to lubricate and maintain. Only a single vibratory conveyor eccentric drive requires periodic lubrication.
  • Material conveying speeds can be fixed or adjustable rate.
  • Dust tight and ventilated construction available.

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