Vynagrip next to large machinery

The ultimate non-skid drainage mat.

  • Diamond tread pattern surface on top and bottom of the matting increases slip resistance
  • Open grid surface quickly removes liquid and debris
  • Exceptionally hard wearing
  • Hygienic, easy to clean
  • Provides cushion, thermal, and noise reducing properties

Material: 2 layers of non-porous, flexible recycled PVC

Thickness: 5/8"

Surface: Diamond tread pattern

Testing: Test DIN 51130 - Testing of floor coverings, determination of the anti-slip property

Results: Rating of R11, V10 ASTM 1667-Dry/Wet - Standard specification for Flexible Cellular Materials-Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Foam (closed-cell)

Vynagrip Black715R24BKVYNA GRIP ROLL 2' X 33' BLACK24.00000.6250396.000099.0000
Vynagrip Blue715R24BLVYNA GRIP ROLL 2' X 33' BLUE24.00000.6250396.000099.0000
Vynagrip BlackYellow715R24BKYVYNA GRIP ROLL 2' X 33' BLACK W/ YELLOW24.00000.6250396.000099.0000
Vynagrip Red715R24RDVYNA GRIP ROLL 2' X 33' RED24.00000.6250396.000099.0000
Vynagrip Black715R36BKVYNA GRIP ROLL 3' X 33' BLACK36.00000.6250396.0000148.8000
Vynagrip Blue715R36BLVYNA GRIP ROLL 3' X 33' BLUE36.00000.6250396.0000148.8000
Vynagrip BlackYellow715R36BKYVYNA GRIP ROLL 3' X 33' BLACK W/ YELLOW36.00000.6250396.0000148.8000
Vynagrip Red715R36RDVYNA GRIP ROLL 3' X 33' RED36.00000.6250396.0000148.8000
Vynagrip Black715R48BKVYNA GRIP ROLL 4' X 33' BLACK48.00000.6250396.0000198.0000
Vynagrip Blue715R48BLVYNA GRIP ROLL 4' X 33' BLUE48.00000.6250396.0000198.0000
Vynagrip BlackYellow715R48BKYVYNA GRIP ROLL 4' X 33' BLACK W/ YELLOW48.00000.6250396.0000198.0000
Vynagrip Red715R48RDVYNA GRIP ROLL 4' X 33' RED48.00000.6250396.0000198.0000

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