JW Car Wash 12x11 Wash Guard door

Wash Guard Car Wash Doors


Two different types of car wash doors available that are high speed, durable fabric doors.

wash guard car wash door

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Goff's Wash Guard Doors are a great option for roll up doors for car washes. These car wash doors require little to no maintenance and are built with corrosion resistant materials that are designed to break away and reset automatically if impacted. There are two main options available for these overhead doors that include Wash Guard Elite and Wash Guard Elite Plus.

Features and Benefits

There are many benefits to Wash Guard Car Wash Doors that include reliability with no cables, wheels, springs or counter-balance systems that can cause issues with other types of overhead doors. As well as durability with welded seams on the door panels, corrosion resistant materials and a break away design with an IP65 Motor.

In addition to reliability and durability, these overhead roll up doors come standard with premium features such as:

  • A full width head cover
  • Auto-reset after impact
  • Auto-close timer
  • Full-width window
  • Easy-to-replace panels
  • Fiberglass wind bars

These car wash doors also feature durable aluminum guides that are resistant to rust or corrosion and premium panel material that are resistant to UV rays, rot, tear and mildew.


Goff's has two main Wash Guard Door products. These include Wash Guard Elite and Wash Guard Plus.

Wash Guard Elite

These Wash Guard Elite doors integrate well with current operations and safety systems and is a great option for car wash doors.

Wash Guard Elite Doors

Here are some of the features of the Wash Guard Elite:

  • Door travels at 36″/sec, up to 120 cycles/hour
  • Intelligent Control System with optional Smart Touch Screen interface
  • (2) sets of IP67 through-beam photo eye safety sensors
  • Aluminum door guides with optional integrated heating elements
  • 32oz vinyl available in 10 vibrant colors to match your brand or building
  • (3) vision panels and (2) NEMA4 push buttons.

Wash Guard Plus

This high speed door allows for great functionality, as well as durability and offers a variety of vinyl colors to match your brand.

Wash Guard Plus Doors

Here are some of the features of the Wash Guard Plus:

  • Door travels at 28″/sec, 60 cycles/hour.
  • Relay Control System comes standard.
  • (1) set of IP67 through-beam photo eye safety sensors.
  • 18oz vinyl available in 9 vibrant colors to match your brand or building.
  • (2) vision panels and (1) NEMA4 push button.


Installation & Repair

Barron Equipment has an excellent service team that is experienced in installing and repairing all kinds of overhead doors. For a quote on installation and or repair, or more information about these doors in general, fill out the form below and a product specialist will be in touch soon!

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