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Wide Flange Gantry Cranes



  • Capacities: up to 15 tons
  • Height under Beam: up to 35’
  • Spans: up to 55’

Made for extra strength, rigidity, and durability, Spanco Wide Flange Gantry Cranes are custom-engineered lifting solutions for CMAA Class C or D Service or for applications requiring a longer span or heavier capacity than a standard gantry crane.

Our wide flange cranes include Double or Semi Gantries similar to our PF Series or Single Leg Gantries, but with higher capacities, heights, and spans.

Spanco Wide Flange Gantry Cranes are ideal for applications that require:

  • Supplemental lifting systems that free up your existing large overhead cranes
  • Wide, clear passage underneath the gantry for machinery, vehicles, and personnel
  • A lifting system that requires no floor tracks (or, for single leg designs, no angle guides); uses polyurethane wheels for maximum traction directly on floor; quiet operation and speeds up to 75 FPM
  • Single or Double Leg Gantry cranes using double-flange steel wheels on an ASCE rail; speeds up to 75 FPM (Limitations over 10 tons may apply)

Our end trucks deliver smooth start-ups, stable movement, and precision wheel alignment for even transfer of power both drive wheels.

  • Floor-contact end trucks use large diameter tread wheels for excellent traction
  • End trucks for ASCE rail have double flanged steel wheels to keep them securely aligned against both sides of the track flange
  • Rotating axles allow easy servicing of wheels, axles, and bearings


Options and Components

  • Multi-speed AC inverter drives
  • Motor brakes
  • Push-button station controls
  • Warning lights, audible alarms, or travel limit switches
  • Top running end trucks (for semi gantries)
  • Special paint finishes


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