Wipe N Walk in Sliding Door Entranceway


Perfect for indoor or vestibule entrances in residential or commercial settings

  • Light duty
  • The olefin surface wipes feet clean
  • Value plus service reliability by absorbent Olefin nap matting
  • Protects floors from traffic, dirt and moisture
  • Clean with vacuum or hose

Material: 100% olefin fiber on vinyl backing with vinyl edges

Thickness: 3/8"

Surface: Plush

Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S23BNWIPE-N-WALK 2 X 3 BROWN24.00000.250036.00004.8000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S23CHWIPE-N-WALK 2 X 3 CHARCOAL24.00000.250036.00004.8000
Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S34BNWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 4 BROWN36.00000.250048.00009.6000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S34CHWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 4 CHARCOAL36.00000.250048.00009.6000
Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S35BNWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 5 BROWN36.00000.250060.000012.0000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S35CHWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 5 CHARCOAL36.00000.250060.000012.0000
Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S36BNWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 6 BROWN36.00000.250072.000014.4000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S36CHWIPE-N-WALK 3 X 6 CHARCOAL36.00000.250072.000014.4000
Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S46BNWIPE-N-WALK 4 X 6 BROWN48.00000.250072.000019.2000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S46CHWIPE-N-WALK 4 X 6 CHARCOAL48.00000.250072.000019.2000
Wipe N Walk Table Brown654S48BNWIPE-N-WALK 4 X 8 BROWN48.00000.250096.000025.0000
Wipe N Walk Table Charcoal654S48CHWIPE-N-WALK 4 X 8 CHARCOAL48.00000.250096.000025.0000

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