Model MWH

Wire Harness Workbench

The EWH (Electric Height Adjust, Wire Harness) and the MWH (Manual Height Adjust, Wire Harness) workbenches are designed for the ergonomic assembly of wire harnesses.

Both models feature a 72" long x 36" wide platform capable of holding boards from 24" wide x 24" long, up to 48" wide x 96" long.

Both models incorporate an adjustable front guard rail that captivates boards from .250" to .750" thick.

Model EWH
Model MWH

The EWH features a 60 degree electric foot pedal operated tilt with 600 pounds capacity. When the EWH is fully tilted, the front edge of board adjusts from 24.5" to 40.25" high via foot pedal operation.


The MWH features a 60 degree 13 position manual tilt. When the MWH is fully tilted, the front edge of the board adjusts from 25.25" to 34" via the hand crank.

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