Workflow Plus next to Industrial Machinery
Workflow Plus next to Industrial Machinery

A light weight anti-fatigue mat made from a 100% nitrile grease proof compound.

  • Provides excellent anti-slip and drainage making any work more secure
  • Reversible for extended life
  • Light weight for easy pick-up
  • Great for light duty kitchens, bars, prep areas, waitress pick-up stations, assembly lines, and behind counters

Material: 100% nitrile rubber grease proof formula

Thickness: 1/4"

Surface: Open circular

Workflow Plus Table434S35BKWORK-FLOW PLUS 3' X 5' (34" x 57")36.00000.330060.000017.0000
Workflow Plus Table434S310BKWORK-FLOW PLUS 3' X 10' (34" x 112")36.00000.3300120.000034.0000
Workflow Plus Table434S315BKWORK-FLOW PLUS 3' X 15' (34" x 168")36.00000.3300180.000051.0000
Workflow Plus Table434S320BKWORK-FLOW PLUS 3' X 20' (34" x 224")36.00000.3300240.000068.0000

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