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WRL – Wheel Rail with Formed Guard Edge, close wheel centers

Wheel Rail Conveyors provide an economical means of conveying products in flow racks and other gravity applications. WRL is heavy duty rail that can be utilized as a tote, box, or carton rail. The shape of the frame provides an integrated guardrail for load containment, while the staggered wheel pattern conveys irregularly shaped loads. The last wheel can be mounted higher to provide an end stop. The WRL offers a higher guardrail than the WRH model.


LENGTH: 12" - 120" WRG, WRH, WRL. 24" - 120" WRK.

WHEEL CENTERS: 2", 3" WRG. 1-1/2", 2" WRH, WRK, WRL.

WHEEL: Standard 1.9" diameter steel, oiled, 75 lbs dynamic load. Optional
wheels available with 100 lbs or 2000 lbs dynamic load.

WHEEL SURFACE: Standard zinc plated. Optional orange urethane.

FRAME: Standard steel formed channel, 2-1/2" x 3" x 12ga for WRG, WRH. Steel formed angle 2-1/8" x 1-5/16" x 12ga for WRK. Steel formed channel 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 12ga for WRL.

END STOP: Standard no end stop included. Optional end stops includes
anti-backup stop and pallet stop. Wheel end stop is available for WRG, WRH,

FRAME FINISH: Standard finish is OSHA safety blue powder. Optional colors include green, beige, gray, orange, black and yellow.

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