XL Impact Cart COB 72dpi 8inches wide

The XL Impact Cart is an optional, standalone impact conveyor cart designed to protect your conveyor investments that are exposed to high volume and/or high impact loading or unloading. Using the XL Impact Cart at the in-feed end of your conveyor system will help protect the life of your flexible conveyor and reduce overall maintenance costs.

The XL Impact Cart is perfect for both loading and unloading applications and is a larger and heavier duty cart than standard industry versions. Customers can order this cart as gravity or powered, with powered versions offering several additional options: reversing or accumulation, LED lights, and operator controls. Using the FMH Connect Kit, the XL Impact Cart retrofits to existing power and gravity flexible conveyor systems not already equipped with an impact cart.

  • All steel construction
  • 8” heavy duty casters: Brakes or No Brakes
  • FMH Connect Kit (for existing conveyors)
    ELECTRICAL: 12 month warranty
    MECHANICAL: 24 month warranty

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