z chill fan and diffuser system

Z-Chill HVLS Fan


Until now, there has been no economical solution to cooling large spaces; in both initial cost and operating expense.

HVLS fans have been utilized in the past to provide massive air movement at low speeds as a cost effective and energy efficient solution to help provide comfort.

However, during the high heat of summer and when the heat index soars above 90, the air becomes too warm for the fans to be able to provide any type of evaporative cooling, therefore, they are just moving around hot, humid air.

This leads to the fans being turned off and not utilized because the fans cannot deliver that much needed cool breeze to provide comfort and relief.


The patented Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser System allows the customer to remain both energy efficient and cost-effective. Outfitting your facility with Z-Chill™ provides you the ability to distribute tempered air to enhance comfort, prevent heat stress and increase productivity levels.

  • The dual Z-Tech™ diffusers are specifically designed to equally distribute both filtered and conditioned air into the designed air distribution patterns of the Z-Tech™ (16, 20, & 24 FT) fans.
  • Dual Z-Tech™ diffusers are constructed of cold rolled steel and protected with powder coated paint.
  • Incorporates stepped Z-Tech™ internal prisms to equally split the incoming conditioned air.
  • The adjustable stepped Z-Tech™ vented louvers are designed to equally distribute the air across the entire circumference of the 5-blade Z-Tech™ stepped fan blade design.
  • The dual Z-Tech™ diffusers also features bottom perforations that are designed to equally disperse air spread in the center. This eliminates any dead zone beneath the center of the system.
  • The dual Z-Tech™ diffusers feature a closed cell thermal insulation design to prevent/minimize condensation on the outside of the entire unit.
  • Utilize existing rooftop A/C units or new OEM split air-conditioning units

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