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If you want to cool a medium-sized or big space, then you need a big-deal fan, and our Z-Tech3™ fans are BIG! They come in five sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter. And these fans are not just big in size — they deliver more cooling power than any other HVLS fans without busting your budget big league!

The Z-Tech3™ is a simpler, more economical version of the Z-Tech™ fan. Are you on a tight budget? Will a 12-year motor warranty suffice? If so, then this product will make a fan out of you! This fan’s three 20-degree pitched blades with unique stepped design deliver ample air movement to efficiently — and cost-effectively — cool a large industrial area.

While the Z-Tech3™ fan is considered to be one of the largest industrial ceiling fans on the market, they are still super quiet and energy efficient. You can use them on their own to increase airflow or use them to take some of the burden off of an existing HVAC system and lower utility bills. You can even run the fan in reverse during the winter months to push down the warm air from the ceiling! These hvls fans are ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications that require an energy-efficient air-movement solution, including:

Basically, any indoor space with a minimum 14-foot ceiling height can benefit from the comfort offered by the Z-Tech3™ fan.

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