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Stainless Steel Casters

Stainless Steel Casters are ideal for food processing plants and any other applications that require washdown. Our Industrial Stainless Steel Casters are made with 304 stainless steel and are National Sanitation Foundation Approved.


Typical applications for stainless steel casters include washdown applications/wet environments as well as autoclaves, food processing plants, chemical plants and the pharmaceutical and food service industries.


Industrial Stainless Steel Casters are  made with 304 stainless steel and are available in Kingpin & Kingpinless raceway designs, as well as roller bearing, ball bearing and delrin bearing styles.


We have 2 series of casters dedicated to Stainless Steel Casters:

  • 30 Series - Swivel Light Duty
  • 31 Series - Rigid Light Duty
  • 50 Series - Swivel Medium Duty
  • 51 Series - Rigid - Medium Duty

The series that end in "0" are Swivel casters and the series that end in "1" and rigid casters. Your rigid caster sizes will need to match your swivel caster sizes if they are being used on the type of cart.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Casters

Some of the main benefits of these casters is that they are corrosion resistant and work well in different environments such as wet, acidic, alkaline, and chlorine environments.

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