Extra Heavy Duty Formed Base Self Dumping Hopper

JescoHuskyDumper® Self Dumping Hoppers

Over 60 models to select from! Standard units, narrow, low profile, large volume, and if you don’t find one to fit your application just tell us because we manufacture specials!

All-welded self dumping hoppers handle bulk materials and scrap generated from manufacturing processes. These units can be moved with a forklift or rolled on optional casters. Forklift of proper capacity rating must be used to empty the hopper. The narrow models are designed to fit into tight spaces without losing load capacity and may be shipped two wide and stacked in a truck. Trip handle is one piece with a positive locking mechanism. Jesco’s dumpers are engineered to dump when the locking handle is tripped and will return to the upright locked position when empty. Units are designed to empty when filled up the sloped front to shift the center of gravity towards the mouth of the unit. Safety retaining chain and trip rope assembly are standard on all hoppers manufactured. Painted Vista Green but optional color choices are available. Packaging is optional but may be added for an extra cost.


Extra Heavy Duty Formed Base

10 gauge body     -       8 gauge base      -      Stackable 3 high empty


Extra Heavy Duty Formed Base Hopper

Extra Heavy Duty Formed Base Hopper Specifications