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Wire Racks

Wire racks and mobile wire racks commercial shelving from Barron Equipment meet your commercial and industrial storage needs while remaining presentable. Barron offers a selection of NSF approved wire shelving in a variety of sizes to fit any storage application. Barron’s metal shelving units and heavy duty storage shelves are available in 3 colors with adjustable shelves at 1 inch increments to make for a flexible, stylish and long-lasting storage solution.

Features and Benefits

Olympic wire racks from Barron Equipment can meet all your commercial and industrial storage needs. With 360 degree product visibility, wire racking has an edge when it comes to commercial displays. Plus, open accessibility to items from all sides make wire shelves good for fast-paced warehouse applications.

Wire shelves accumulate less dust than other shelving options, meaning the need to clean and dust the unit is less frequent. Similarly, increased air flow make wire shelving units perfect for storage that require air flow like perishable food.

Metal wire shelves that adjust along stationary posts at 1″ intervals allowing for flexible storage that changes as quickly and frequently as your needs do.


Wire racking is a versatile storage solution useful in many industries. Sleek design and 360 degree product visibility make wire racking units ideal for commercial display applications. They are also popular as dry food storage in commercial and industrial kitchens, and storage for PPE and safety equipment in the medical industry. They are also used as document storage, garage and workshop storage, and ecommerce fulfillment storage.


Following the information below to maintain the functionality and longevity of your wire rack shelving system:

  • Inspect for bent wiring, rust spots and warping periodically
  • Address any damage to the unit to prevent any further deterioration
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals to maintain the finish on the unit
  • Adjust shelving to new storage requirements as often as necessary
  • Keep shelving units in a dry and low-humidity environment to prevent rusting

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wire Rack

There are many factors to consider when choosing the wire rack shelving to best fit your needs.

First, determine whether a wire rack or different storage solution will be necessary for your application based on the weight of the items you are storing or displaying. Barron’s wire rack shelving units provide a rugged 800 lb. overall weight capacity, bearing 200 lbs. per shelf. Any additional weight to wire racking can cause bowing or warping of the shelves over time. Additionally, carbon steel wire racks are prone to rust and are most fitting in dry and non-humid environments.

Next, find the appropriate size of the rack you will need based on the space you would like to house the wire shelving unit and the size of the items or merchandise you will be storing. Barron Equipment offers a wide selection of widths and depths of shelving units to choose from.

Lastly, choose the finish and leg type of the metal racking that best fits your application. Barron Equipment offers both stationary and mobile wire racking in three colors, making our selection fit for warehouse storage to commercial displays.

Selection Assistance

Our product specialists at Barron Equipment can help you determine the best wire racking to fit your needs. Complete our customer contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with one of our product specialists today.