Grand Stand Vinyl

Grand Stand Vinyl

A variety of  standard colors to match any decor. The high quality rubber bonded to a foam base provide hours of comfort.

  • Beveled edges on all sides for an added extra measure of safety
  • Thermoset Vulcanized Rubber (SR) features 100% virgin synthetic rubber construction
  • Homogeneous color throughout
  • The best choice for long-term wear
  • Ideal for use in: Banks, Pharmacies, Labs, Retail Checkouts, Mailrooms, Airports, Factories
  • Each foam base has a built in beveled edge for safety and to help prevent tripping
  • Most comfortable cushion available

Material: 3/32” Thermoset Vulcanized Rubber (SR) surface bonded to a 3/8” foam base

Thickness: 1/2"

Surface: Smooth

Grand Stand Vinyl Chart
Grand Stand Vinyl Chart1