Presto PSL Series Skid Lifter

Presto Skid Lifters combine the mobility of hand pallet jack with the lifting and positioning capabilities of a scissor lift table.

They are ideal transporting loads on skids or open bottom pallets, feeding conveyors, steel punches, and printing presses or even as adjustble height workstations.

Choose from either the manual hand pump or the battery powered lift model. For use with open bottom skids or pallets only.

Manual Skid Lifter Highlights:

  • Available in 2,500 or 3,000 lb. capacity
  • Unmatched manueverability
  • Maximum stability even when fully raised
  • 32" raised height
  • 30 strokes for loads under 600 lbs
  • 60-70 strokes for heavier loads

Battery Powered Skid Lift Features:

  • 2200 lb capacity
  • 12VDC (69Ah) battery with built-in 110V 9A charger