Presto Ring Floor-Mount Turntable

The Presto Ring Floor-Mount Turntable - RFT -43 is a two piece portable turntable that consists of an inner ring studded with anti-friction bearings and an outer ring which sits over it. It is ideal for manual pallet loading and unload as it allows workers to access all sides from a single location.

The 43 5/8" diameter accepts a wide variety of pallet sizes and configurations weighing up to 4,400 lbs..

With a total weight of just 70 lbs. the RFT can be easily relocated. It can even be mounted on a fixed height platform.

The Ring Floor-Mount Turntable must be fed by a fork lift or stacker. For a hand pallet truck accessible turntable choose the Presto Low-Profile Turntable - LPT.

  • 4,400 lb. capacity
  • 43 5/8' Diameter
  • 2 1/8" Lowered Height
  • Weight 70 lbs.