Southworth PalletPal Order Picker

The New PalletPal OP Order Picker takes the time proven design of the PalletPal Level Loader and adapts it for universal use with order picker lifts.

In stock picking operations workers are constantly bending, reaching and stretching to place picked items onto a pallet. The process is inefficient and puts undue stress on the operator causing fatigue and the potential for injury.


The PalletPal OP uses a calibrated spring mechanism to keep loads at a comfortable, easy-to-access height. It automatically lowers as boxes are added to keep the pallet in the best loading position throughout the process. The PalletPal OP's platform has a special non-skid surface and welded corner clips to keep loads squarely in position. A built-in turntable with anti-friction bearings allows operators to spin the load so that they never have to reach across the pallet.

The PalletPal OP mounts quickly and easily to any brand of order picking lift. It works with loads of 400 - 2000 lbs.