Workstation Edge

The Workstation Edge is a lightweight kitchen and industrial mat with a 1.5" ramped bevel edge for extra safety!

  • Great for restaurants, kitchens & industrial applications
  • 1.5" Extra Widge Built in bevel edges for extra safety
  • Raised surfaces helps keep feet dry while allowing moisture to drain and flow underneath
  • Open circular mesh surface allows for drainage
  • Provides non-slip footing in wet or oily areas

Material: Black - general purpose rubber
Red-  grease resistant rubber
Thickness: 1/2"
Surface: Open Circular

  Item Description Width Thickness Length Weight
WkEdge Table1 421S35RD WORKSTATION Edge 3 X 5 Red 36 0.5 60 21
WkEdge Table2 421S35BK WORKSTATION Edge 3 X 5 Black 36 0.5 60 20