Ray-Air Circulation Fan

The Ray-Air Circulation Fan is the solution to today’s air quality epidemic that is affecting air spaces outdoors and indoors. Millions worldwide are living and working in spaces with sub-par air, creating a serious health risk for everyone!

Placement options are limitless: corporate entrance and welcome areas, office spaces, cubicles, conference rooms, hallways, rest rooms, break rooms and kitchens, libraries, archives, locker rooms, dorm rooms, pools, classrooms and meeting halls – every place needs to be a healthy space for people to congregate. Additionally, Ray-Air™ requires zero maintenance and is completely customizable meeting your vision and needs in your unique space.


Ray-Air™ uses patented air movement technology to increase Air Turnovers per Hour (ATPH).

Saves $

Ray-Air™ allows you to heat or cool your space more efficiently, significantly reducing your HVAC bill.


Ray-Air™ reduces airborne pollutants, odors, and mildew – what’s not to love!


Ray-Air™ reduces temperature variations in your room, so you can be more comfortable.