Extra-Large Plastic Storage Containers – 16.50 In. W X 29.88 In. D X 11.00 In. H – 300 lb Load Capacity – Pkg Qty 1

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Barron’s Extra-Large Plastic Storage Bins are corrsion-proof and crafted from industrial grad polymers. 300 lb. weight capacity and do not spread when stacked. Proudly made in the USA.

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Package Quantity1
Weight8.20 Lbs
Length29.25 Inches
Width16.50 Inches
Height11.00 Inches
Weight Capacity300 Lbs
MaterialIndustrial Grade Polymers
Assembly RequiredNo
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Durability IconDurable• Constructed from industrial-grade materials, it ensures heavy-duty usage in demanding environments.

• Resistant to water, rust, and corrosion, these bins are suitable for industrial and manufacturing settings.

• Resistant to impact and rough handling, it reduces the risk of damage or breakage, even in high-traffic areas.
Stackable IconStackable• Designed with a stackable feature, it allows for maximum storage space, both when in use and during storage.

• It stack securely, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring stability when storing heavy or valuable items.

• Large flat front label area that accept an adhesive type label to allow quick inventory identification.
Versatility IconVersatile•These bins can be used as stand-alone units or integrated into shelving systems.

• These bins can be paired with dividers, lids, and labels, enhancing their adaptability for specific storage needs.

• Available in various sizes, adaptable for a wide range of storage needs, from small components to large items.

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