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3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Ergonomic Walkthrough

ergo walkthrough

Ergonomics are somewhat of a buzzword in this day and age in the manufacturing industry. Ergonomics can be defined as the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Ensuring your factory/warehouse is ergonomically friendly is important, not only for safety, but also for increased productivity and profits.

Here are 3 reasons you should schedule an ergonomic walkthrough with us:


1. Prevent injuries

employee with hurt back

Our team can review how your employees are performing their jobs and point out potential hazards with their processes. Some processes may seem fine in the moment, but with repetitive movements come chronic injuries. Our specialists have an eye for movements that may seem harmless, but could become a problem in the future.


2. Increase Efficiency


Ensuring your work space is ergonomically friendly can help with efficiency. For example, if your employee is bending down to pick up boxes off of a pallet on the ground, it may take him a while to get the job done. If he had a PalletPal 360, the employee won’t have to bend down or take extra steps to get the boxes because the PalletPal will automatically adjust to the correct height depending on the load and will spin to make unloading quicker and more efficient. We all know time is money! So by making this process more efficient, you will be saving time and increasing productivity – therefore increasing sales. Our team can look at your current equipment and make recommendations for equipment that will make the job easier and more efficient.


3. Improve Employee Morale

happy employee

By ensuring that employees are safe from recurring, chronic injuries and increasing their efficiency in the workplace, you’ll have happier employees! Happier employees reduces turnover, which will help save you money because those employees will stay with your company longer and you won’t have to train new employees. Loyal, hardworking employees can be hard to find. You want to make sure you’re fostering a healthy environment to keep your best employees happy and fulfilled in the workplace.


Ergonomics should be an important aspect of your business. If you haven’t been making ergonomics a priority, we can help! Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to schedule your complimentary ergonomic walkthrough today!


5 Reasons to get Polyurethane Wheels on your Casters

Polyurethane wheels

Let’s start off by discussing what casters are and how they are used. The official definition of a “caster” is a wheeled device typically mounted to a larger object that enables that object to roll relatively easily. Heavy duty casters are often used in an industrial setting, such as in factories or warehouses. You may have seen medium to light duty casters used on everyday items, such as a shopping carts or TV stands.

“What’s the difference between casters and wheels?” you might be wondering. The short answer is that wheels were invented over 5,000 years ago and we’re pretty accustomed to seeing them around, pun intended. The difference between a wheel and a caster is that wheels are part of the caster. A caster includes the wheel, along with a bracket, which is often-times called a “fork.” Casters are more versatile and have only been around for about 150 years.

Apex wheels on cart

Casters can be used for many different applications within an industrial setting. There are different types of options and combinations when it comes to choosing the caster material, bearing type, size of the caster and the wheel type. While there are several options on the market, we’re going to explain today while polyurethane is one of the best materials for the wheels on your casters.

polyurethane chemical compounds

Because we like to define everything, here’s the fascinating definition for “polyurethane” - a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by urethane groups, used chiefly as constituents of paints, varnishes, adhesives, and foams. Super scientific, right?

Let’s break it down for you! Here are 5 reasons why polyurethane is one of the best wheel materials for your casters:

polyurethane wheels on a cart

1. Floor Protection

Who wants a scratched/scuffed up floor? Not us! Nobody wants to pay extra money to have the floor redone, simply because casters have damaged it. The material of polyurethane will deflect and create a much large footprint than some of its harder wheel counterparts (such as nylon wheels)

employee with hearing protection

2. Less Noisy

Products that protect your employees are hot on the market right now. Everything from ergonomic matting, to sit-to-stand desks, to pallet pals that help prevent work injuries. One injury that can commonly get overlooked is hearing loss. While most companies provide earplugs, they sometimes don’t always do the job. Polyurethane wheels act as a shock absorber and noise levels are dramatically reduced in comparison to steel or cast iron wheels. This will ultimately keep the noise level down and protect your employees’ ears.

polyurethane wheels on a cart

3. Higher Load Capacity

In comparison to rubber wheels, polyurethane can withstand a much higher load capacity, which also providing the benefits of rubber wheels (such as noise reduction, shock absorption, and floor protection).

4. High Resiliency

Not only is the tread non-slip, but the caster wheel itself has high resiliency because of the polyurethane material and the way it is designed. Its rebound resilience is higher than that of many other wheel materials, which causes it to be more ergonomic because less force is needed to push/pull the caster, because of its rebound energy.

polyurethane wheels on shelf

5. Tread is non-slip

The non-slip tread allows for it to keep towed carts right-side up where sliding can be a problem for harder wheel materials. Because of the good traction, less force is necessary to drive the wheels, reducing the amount of load on the wheel and prolonging the life of the casters. Not only is the tread non-slip, but the caster wheel itself has high resiliency because of the polyurethane material and the way it is designed. Its rebound resilience is higher than that of many other wheel materials, which causes it to be more ergonomic because less force is needed to push/pull the caster, because of its rebound energy.

Barron Caster logo

While there are several options for casters and wheels, polyurethane is a great choice, especially if you work in wet and/or humid environments.

Not all urethane wheels are the same! We are very picky about the quality of products we sell, and we only carry the best wheels and casters on the market. We also offer a four year warranty on all Blickle urethane wheels. For more information about our polyurethane wheels and/or all of our casters and wheels, please contact us at, or give us a call at 1-800-397-6690.

3 Tests You Can Do to Make Sure Your Garage Door is Ready for Fall

Residential garage door wordpress

It’s about that time, folks! Fall is quickly approaching and here at Barron, we want to make sure you’re as prepared as can be when it comes to having a safe garage door. There are 3 things you can do at home to determine whether or not your garage door needs service.

Here’s what you can do:


inside of garage

1. Take a Look at Your Garage Door Parts

Start with the garage door tracks, rollers, and hinges. Are they broken or rusted? What about the cables? Do they appear to be rusted, worn out, or frayed? When you close the garage door, can you see any light coming through from the seals on the sides or the bottom? If you can say yes to any of these questions, you need to give us a call to get it checked out!

Inside of garge door with seal broken

2. Make Sure Your Door is Sealed

You’ll want to take a look at the bottom seal of your garage door and ensure that there is no space between the seal and the ground. During the fall season, small animals and rodents like to get into your garage where it’s warm and cozy and you can prevent this from happening by making sure your garage door is appropriately sealed. If you do find holes in the seal, give us a call and we can replace it immediately.


inside garage door half way up

3. Check for Balance

This is a quick and easy way to determine whether or not you need an adjustment on your door. All you have to do is close your door, disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the red cord, lift the door manually and stop it at about waist height. Your door should stay at waist height. If the door goes up or down, the door is out of alignment and there is unnecessary stress that is being put on your opener. Your door will need an adjustment to prevent further damage.


service tech working on garage door

All of that being said, this is now time for a friendly, public service announcement - it is VERY dangerous for people to attempt to fix their own garage doors if they are not qualified. If your door fails any of these 3 tests, we would be happy to check it out! Feel free to fill out a service request form or give us a call for more information.


new garage door

Why You Should Consider Mezzanines in Your Workspace

If you're unfamiliar with word "mezzanine" you might wonder what it has to do with your warehouse space. It sounds like something out of a fictional romance novel. The good news is that this product is not fictional. It is real and it can help you save a tremendous amount of time, money and space!

Wildek Mezzanine

The What

Let's dig a little deeper shall we? First we'll start off with identifying what a mezzanine is. No, it's not a French style pizza, nor is it a balcony at an opera-house (although it can be, but not in this specific context).

The word "mezzanine" originated during the 18th century and originally came from the Latin word for median. It was then converted to the Italian word for "middle" and then ultimately became the French version we know and love, "mezzanine," in the early 18th century.


By definition, a mezzanine is "a low-ceilinged story between two main stories of a building especially : an intermediate story that projects in the form of a balcony." Mezzanines can come in all different types of forms; from a trendy loft in someone's home, to a sought after spot for a balcony in a theater. In this particular situation, we will be discussing industrial/commercial mezzanines.



kitchen with mezzanine design

Mezzanines are  most frequently used in the industrial scene because places like warehouses and distribution plants both tend to have higher ceilings, allowing for an easy way to create more storage space above. As in, why would people build out when they can go up?




Emerge Academy Mezzanine installed in open warehouse space

The Why

Okay, now that you know what a mezzanine actually is, we can go even deeper so you can determine whether or not you have a need for one!

There are plenty of justifications for applying a mezzanine into your workplace. Who wouldn't want a super fun platform above their workspace? But the most important reason for getting a mezzanine would be if you’re looking to expand your warehouse or factory because you’re running out of space. Mezzanines are designed to fill the empty space above you, which is much cheaper and more efficient than your typical expansion. Smaller workplaces will use mezzanines as overhead storage for things like products, tools and other materials. When it comes to getting more space, mezzanines will match your growth in the most efficient way possible. 

Another reason mezzanines are awesome is that they work with all different types of applications. Do you need extra storage for equipment? Build a mezzanine and put it above the work floor area, out of harm's way. Do your managers need a better vantage point for overseeing production? Build a mezzanine and add railings for extra safety.

Lastly, mezzanines save a ton of time and money. Mezzanines are much quicker to build than a traditional expansion. And by building within a space you're already paying for, you'll save a significant amount of money.

Storage Mezzanine

The How

Now that you're aware of what a mezzanine is and why they're great for creating more space while also saving time and money, you might want to know how you can get one for your workspace.

Fortunately for you, Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors is very experienced when it comes to building mezzanines in all different types of factories, warehouses, etc. We would be happy to find the perfect mezzanine for your application. Give us a call at 1-800-397-6690 or email us at for more information.

10 Tips to Improve Your Loading Dock Safety

Loading docks can be dangerous! Did you know that about 25% of all reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks, and for each incident, hundreds of near misses occur. 1 Some causes of dock injuries include workers falling in gap between trucks and loading docks. Forklifts have also backed off platforms and fallen on operators. With these potential hazards in mind, it’s important to invest in safety measures for your loading docks. Here are 10 tips that will help keep your loading dock area safe:


  1. Confirm that locking devices are used on every vehicle at the loading docks.
Active vehicle restraint for loading docks

These locking devices include trailer restraints or wheel chocks if the vehicle does not have an RIG bar, or the trailer restraint cannot engage with the RIG bar. The most popular types of restraints are the Powerhook because they mount under the dock leveler and out of the elements. It is important to use locking devices because they prevent the truck from moving during loading and unloading. Workers can fall into the gap between the truck and the dock causing serious injury or death. Freight and equipment can also be damaged, further increasing the need for a locking mechanism.

2. Use safety tape or paint to identify walkway barriers, doorways, paring aisles and overhead obstacles.

Dock seal for a loading dock

This might seem like common sense, but it’s important to use brightly colored tape and/or paint to mark off the areas of where trucks are supposed to go, as well as direction for pedestrian traffic. Poorly marked areas can lead to confusion and potential accidents. The color yellow is preferred because it’s the international safety color indicating “warning.”

3. Use padding or guards around sharp corners and dock barricades on open dock edges to protect people from injuries.

Door Protectors in front of loading docks

4. Keep dock areas clean of debris.

Debris under dock leveler

If the area around the dock levelers is cluttered, the levelers might not work as intended, which could cause further accidents.

5. Be sure the dock plates and boards being used are designed for the loads and lift trucks.

Dockplates for Loading Docks

Dock plates and boards help bridge the gap between the loading docks and trucks. But if the load you’re rolling over the dock plate is heavier than the capacity, your dock plates could fail or get worn down over time, creating a potential hazard.

6. Return dock levelers to the stored position after being used below dock.

Docking Equipment installed in new building

When dock levelers are not stored properly in lip keepers, the levelers could potentially go below the dock level when driven on with a fork truck, causing injury.


7. Use dock seals or shelters to keep rain & snow off loading docks, which can create slippery surfaces.

Vermeer Dock Seal with an Active Truck Restraint System

Not only would dock shelters and seals prevent the docks from becoming slippery, but it’s also a more cost effective solution for heating and cooling and they prevent insects and birds from entering the building.


8. Consider investing in other dock safety items such as dock lights, bumpers, rail systems and trailer jacks.

Loading Dock Warning Lights

Dock lights are a great way to communicate with the truck drivers and dock personnel the status of the loading or unloading operation, reducing the amount of accidents. Bumpers, rail systems, and trailer jacks are also great ways to increase safety measures.


9. Work carefully around loading docks.

Worker Falling Off Loading Dock

Be sure not to run around loading docks or jump onto or off of docks. Stay away from dock edges. Also wear sturdy shoes with nonskid soles that are supportive around the foot and ankle. Take care to watch where you’re going on a loading dock.


10. Load and unload materials correctly to prevent injuries.

Forklift loading goods into the back of a truck

Forklifts, dollies and other aids should be used often instead of lifting goods by yourself. You should never try to lift skids or pallets alone. Use good lifting techniques when lifting heavy objects (bend at the knees and keep your back straight so your legs are doing the lifting). Be sure to wear snug-fitting gloves to get a good grip on items when lifting, loading and unloading.

Hopefully these tips have helped give you an idea of how to improve the safety measures around your loading docks. At Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors, we have service technicians that specialize in loading dock equipment and are able to inspect your loading docks to ensure they’re safe and effective. For an estimate, give us a call at 1-800-397-6690 or visit our service request page.

1. LoadDelivered, August 2017.

10 Reasons to Get a New Garage Door

10 reasons to get a new garage door

There are lots of hesitations when it comes to purchasing a new garage door and/or opener. You may wonder if now is the right time, or if it’s worth the money. Here are 10 reasons why investing in a new garage door and opener this season would be in your best interest:

Barron Residential Garage Door Install

1. Curb Appeal

We’ve all been through those neighborhoods where all of the garage doors look the same. We may even live in one of those neighborhoods! Although there’s nothing wrong with monotony, a little curb appeal never hurt anyone. Many people focus on flipping the inside of houses, but the outside is just as important. A new garage door could add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Complement the color scheme of your home for a cohesive look, or opt for bolder colors to make a statement. Add some windows and hardware to create the popular barn door look. The options are endless!

Garage after Barron Equipment Remodel

2. Return on Investment

Going hand-in-hand with curb appeal, the better looking your garage door is, the more likely you’ll be able to ask for a higher price when selling your home. Most prospective buyers decide their level of interest based on the house’s exterior. When your house looks good on the outside, it will draw prospective buyers inside. A garage door replacement is one of the top ways to increase home value, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report. An estimated 76.9% of new garage door installation project costs can be recouped upon the resale of a home. This makes replacing your garage door one of the top home improvement projects when it comes to overall return on investment.

Broken Garage door

3. Safety

Upgrading your garage door can keep you safe in a couple of different of ways. For one, it could help prevent injuries, such as your garage door falling on you or your car. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are 30 thousand injuries caused by garage doors every year. With an average weight of 400 lbs per door, it’s important to ensure the safety of you and your family! All garage doors manufactured after 1993 would have a built-in safety reversing mechanism, as well as automatic shut-off systems. That being said, if you have a garage door older than 1993, it’s time to upgrade! If your garage door is newer than 1993, you will want to make sure the safety systems are working properly. Some studies done by the CPSC has shown that even newer safety mechanisms have trouble detecting children. Either way, it’s best to make sure your garage door is safe.

New Garage Door Install on Newly Built House

4. Efficiency

A huge trend amongst consumers these days is making sure the products you buy for your home are long-lasting and energy efficient. Because garage doors are the largest entry to the exterior of your home, it can lose the most amount of heat, creating a big problem for energy efficiency. To avoid this problem, make sure to get a garage door that has good insulation. Not only can insulation help with energy efficiency, but it also allows for quieter operation and increased overall door strength and durability.

Wooden door on brick house

5. Lower Utility Bills

Going along with efficiency, if you invest in a new garage door with a higher R-value, you will save money on your heating bills. That’s because the R-value represents the ability to slow the transmission of heat. A higher R-value has a slower transmission of heat, which means less heat escaping your garage in the winter and less heat invading your garage in the summer. Therefore, when it comes to R-values for garage doors, the higher the better!

Garage Door Remodel by Barron Equipment Company

6. Safe Storage

In the Midwest, we see some extreme weather year round. You want to make sure that garage door can protect you and your belongings during times of inclement weather. If the garage door is insecure and becomes compromised, all of your belongings inside of the garage could be at risk to damage. If you have an attached garage, the inside of your home could also be at risk.

Newly installed Gray Garage Doors

7. Less Maintenance

When you get a new garage door, you’ll be surprised with how little you’ll have to do to maintain it. Metal garage doors are extremely low maintenance and won’t require much attention. Winterizing your door each Fall will be about all you’ll need to do to make sure everything is working properly.

Residential Garage Door Install by Barron Equipment Company

8. Quieter Operation

Nobody likes a noisy garage door! New doors with a higher R-value are quieter than doors that are not insulated. Polyurethane insulation also adheres to the walls of the door and is an excellent sound insulator.

Liftmaster Notification Features

9. Wireless Smart Home Features

Often times, a new garage door will come with a new opener. High-tech features are now available with newer garage door opener models such as built-in wi-fi. This built in wi-fi allows users to have an app on their mobile device that controls the opener. If you forget to close your garage door, or you’re miles away and a friend or family member needs to get in without a code, you can easily open or close the garage door from you mobile device. You can also receive alerts when your garage door is opened or closed.

LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock

10. Security

Lastly, with new technologies available, securing your garage door is now easier than ever. You’ll be able to see when your garage door is open and closed, giving you peace of mind. In addition to constant monitoring, metal garage doors are much tougher for burglars to get into, making your belongings safer.

With all of these reasons, a new garage door just makes sense! Spring is the perfect time to focus on updating the exterior of your home. At Barron Equipment & Overhead Doors, we carry the top lines of garage door models on the market! Stop by our showroom (on Brady Street in Davenport, across from Walnut Center) to see samples of the most popular models on the market. Our team of garage door experts will be able to assist you in finding the perfect garage door for your home. The time is now! See our full line of garage doors on our website.

Local Company, National Capabilities

Why would a company out of Indiana hire a small company out of Iowa to install a modular office in their factory? One word–speed.

International Paper out of Crawfordsville, Indiana needed a large project done in their factory in a very short amount of time. The plan was to take out an old conveyor, put in a new one, and install a modular office, all within 10 days. The contractor hired to do the job does quite a bit of work with our vendor, Porta-King. Porta-King is a company out of Missouri that manufactures portable buildings, shelters, wall partitions and mezzanines. A modular in-plant office was requested for this particular project and Dan Maras, a Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Porta-King, knew just who to call to install the modular office quickly and effectively.

“We have done quite a bit of work with Barron in the past and we knew how fast they are with installing buildings and equipment,” said Dan.


Modular Office Installation Inside View
Portaking Modular Office Wall Installation

With a 10 day turnaround, this needed to be implemented as quickly as possible. Larry Venden, our Service Manager, loaded up supplies and 3 other guys and took a road trip out to Crawfordsville, about 4 hours from our home office. Within 2 days of arriving on the site, the modular building was complete.

Portaking modular office entrance
Office Module Installation side view

This particular building was unique with its application as a control room. The modular office was built on a raised platform with computer flooring to allow for electrical to get to the building.

No matter when or where, our team is able to install equipment faster and more effectively than the competition. We are thankful to Porta-King for the opportunity to show that even though we’re a small, local, Iowa company, we can perform at a national level.

Welcome to the Barron Blog!

Check out our customer video with 7G Distributing! We provided all of their racking and shelving, truck and loading dock equipment, overhead doors, and guard rails. We enjoyed working with 7G in the initial building of their facility and we are pleased to continue to service their equipment with scheduled maintenance. We are thankful for a great partnership with them and we truly value our relationship with 7G, as we do with all of our customers! Listen to what Mike Brooks has to say about his experience working with us.

Gallery Collection – 9×7 Doors

9x7 Gallery Doors 3

Newly installed Gallery style doors! Your garage door can give your house a whole new look and we offer a wide variety that will fit your home perfectly.

Gallery Collection Doors

FiberGlass Door Before After

Would you look at that transformation. A new door can do wonders to the overall look of your garage.

Driver’s Entry Cage

Drivers Entry Cage

This is a WireCrafters Drivers Entry Cage. It is a perfect, cost-effective way to control building access, keep your facility safe and secure, and protect visitors. Typically these driver cages are furnished with a service window with a shelf for easy pick-up access and you are able to choose custom configurations to meet your facility’s needs. This is just one of the countless products offered.